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                         Water Chemistry:

                 Osmoregulation, Ionic Imbalance & pH
                                                            by Joe Gargas
               Wow!  And what a long time it's been, most of you who remember me know
        that besides being a Discus Breeder since the 70s,  I also was the director of Research
        and Development for the Wardley Corporation.  Soon thereafter the Hartz Mountain
        Company bought out Wardley, and I was transferred along with my whole family to this
        great state of Florida in the Tampa area in 1995. I left the company in 1997 as they were
        preparing to sell off the “Pet Specialties Division”.  Subsequently, I also left the
        Tropical Fish Industry for 12 years. During that time I got involved in the Potable
        Water Industry along with the Swimming Pool Industry and learned much more about
        water chemistry and treatment. I tested, studied and researched other alternatives for
        drinking water and swimming pool disinfection utilizing ozonation and the electrolysis
        process. Through this effort I was granted 5 patents for the new technologies/
        applications I developed. These are being used today in swimming pools and drinking
        water in the State of Florida.
               I recently decided to get back into the Tropical Fish hobby by giving my first
                                                         Pic by Jim Norris
        presentation in 12 years to the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society, I now consider it my
        home base as of last October 2009. I had an agreement with Hartz Mountain that I would
        no longer breed fish when I came down to the Tampa area. However, my interest peaked
        when I had a meeting scheduled with the current Wardley Product line management under
        the Hartz Mountain banner at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando Florida in March 2009.
        The Hartz Mountain pet specialties division that owns the Wardley name was sold
        twice since I left. My biggest surprise was that all the companies that I once new as
        Tetra, Marineland, Instant Ocean, All Glass Aquarium, Perfecto Aquarium, Jungle,
        Aquarium Pharmaceuticals  just to name a few are now owned by the 3 major players in
        the pet industry – United Pet Group, Royal Pet, and Central Garden & Pet. It seems
        that everyone wanted to be a GM! THE WHOLESALERS HAVE BECOME THE
        MANUFACTURER.  To me this was shocking! To remind the readers I had been out
        of the tropical fish/pet industry for 12 years and to come back and see this was incredible.
        I looked at many of the products for sale, I could not believe the amount of products
        that were being sold for aquarium use as water conditioners/additives for tropical fish
        that would do absolutely nothing and may even be counter-productive in keeping and
        maintaining tropical fish. For older hobbyists, remember in the 60s and 70s there
                                                         Pic by Jim Norris
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