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               What you are about to read is a collection of articles writ-
        ten by Joe Gargas for the monthly newsletter, THE FILTER, of the
        Tampa Bay Aquarium Society.  They began in May of 2009 and
        have continued until the present . . . August of 2012.  If you make
        the count that is 20 articles in 30 months.  This in itself, shows the
        concern Joe has for the future and well-being of the aquarium hob-
               I have been the editor of THE FILTER since 1996 and have
        been keeping tropical fish since 1954.  In all of those years I have
        read almost everything available to the tropical fish hobbyist and
        nothing, absolutely nothing matches the knowledge of water that
        Joe shows here.  Everyone needs to read and reread these articles.
               Joe’s water practices are something to see.  As you read the
        articles you will have a tendency to say “No way does anyone do
        that!!” . . . YES JOE DOES!!!!!  His newly built fish room is an ab-
        solute wonder to behold, and he shares the knowledge of how he put
        it all together with you here.
               Joe doesn’t just “talk the talk” . . . he also “walks the walk”!

               The publication you are reading was taken from the actual
        monthly newsletters of the “THE FILTER”. There are a few occa-
        sions where some remiants of the newsletter remain, because if they
        were taken out, they would have created “holes” in the PDF’s that
        this was created from.  We hope you would will look at the few in-
        stances as a bit of  “flavor”.  The misspelling of “SKOOL” is part of
        the same “flavor”!
               Please Enjoy!!!!                      Mike Jacobs

                         A shot of part of Joe’s fish room!
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