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               After looking at this data it becomes a very strong argument against adding
        additives and salt . . . Sodium Chloride . . . to fresh water aquariums. I do know that this
        Wal-Mart store did use a lot of Stress Coat and salt.  There may have been other
        additives, of which I was unaware.  Not only did it increase the Conductivity, TDS
        and Osmotic Pressure it also produced an un-natural water by an improper balance of
        ions (Ionic Balance).  As you can see the Chloride ion is now the major anion
        superseding, alkalinity/carbonate bicarbonate, sulfate and sodium is also now the major
        cation superseding calcium and magnesium. This problem continues in some
        retail stores today, and is something that must be avoided at all costs
               Some stores and distributors add tremendous amounts of salt to their
        aquariums. Petco in Brandon, Florida actually has a plastic container in each aquarium
        full of salt with a lid on that has been punched full of holes. The salt dissolves and the
        conductivity builds up until the fish look terrible. I know people that have purchased
        fish from that store have lost them within a week. There maybe exceptions to that rule
        with very strong and hardy species that were in very good condition to begin with, but
        why play with fire? I have checked the conductivity of the aquariums of other stores
        like Pets Mart, along with other stores, and found that the conductivity was as high as
        4000 to 6000 MicroSiemens due to the addition of salt and other additives making the
        total dissolved solids 3840 ppm and the osmotic pressure over 38 lbs per square inch.
        What natural freshwater environment compares to that!?
               One hobbyist I know, who is an advanced aquarist looses at least 40% of
        everything he gets from a distributor/importer that uses as part of the companies
        protocol ½ to ¾ of a full cup of salt per 10 gallons of water. This would be ok if it were
        used as a quick bath or dip against parasites but it is completely wrong to keep fish in
        an environment like this for any given length of time.
               Another example: let’s look at another product KENT Marine
        Discus Essential.
               Being a discus enthusiast and a commercial breeder in the past of this
        marvelous fish, I have spent much time researching to obtain the best water quality I
        could produce for this fish. The Amazonian region is very low in minerals and has no
        metals. The conductivity is very low, as well as the hardness. I looked at the
        MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) sheet on this product:

        This product contains

        CHLORIDE . . . and it also contains less than 50 ppm each of
        zinc, copper, lithium, nickel, cobalt, iron, magnesium, manganese,
        molybdenum, potassium, and selenium as minor trace minerals.
               Once again heavy on the chloride and just look at those heavy metals! Why
        would anyone want to use this product with Discus? I sure would not!

        So what is the solution?
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