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	 This twelfth issue of the St. Petersburg Monthly Bridge Bulletin has
an interesting relationship with the history of the bridge club itself.
	 November 1 marks the 12th anniversary of the day we played our
first game at the south end of the mall right here in the Mainlands Village
Shopping Plaza.
	 At that time we had five games and perhaps one lesson a week. We
now have twelve games, many lessons and three supervised play opportunities
each week.
	 Then we had about 200 members. Now we are approaching 600.
	 A lot is happening at the club and we are delighted to have the
monthly bridge Bulletin to chronicle it.
	 It seems like only a few months ago that Mike Jacobs asked if I
would be interested in working with him to create what has become our
monthly Bulletin.
	 Mike is a retired high school mathematics teacher and sports coach
who is a renowned photographer of fish. He was already producing a
monthly bulletin for the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society that features fantastic
pictures of tropical fish.
	Mike has become an avid bridge player since reluctantly taking
lessons at the suggestion of his wife and bridge partner Lydia. We suspect
that Lydia may also play a quiet role in supporting Mike in his energetic
publishing efforts.
	Mike might play bridge more often, but for his work on monthly
publications and the need to care for 90 aquariums worth of fish at his
home. (This is not a typo! 90!)
	Since the go-ahead to develop our monthly Bulletin, Mike has

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