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P. 9

         Here are the full N/S hands.

                    1.                                  2.
                          North       South                    North       South

                           ♠K865       ♠A                    ♠1072         ♠Q5
                           ♥QT5        ♥AKJ87                ♥QJ8          ♥AK732
                           ♦1094       ♦A8                   ♦AK           ♦QJ83
                           ♣K76       ♣A10982                ♣QJ1032   ♣AK

                On both deals South is showing distribution below three of the major-suit
         fit and North/South are showing 1st or 2nd round controls past three of the major
         suit fit. On 1, South should have a pretty easy time in 6♥. The ♦ loser gets
         pitched on the ♠K and needs to find Clubs to be either 3/2 at 68% or have the
         ♣QJ split or both in the East hand at 75% by taking two Club finesses. On
         2, South must lose the ♠AK immediately as well as having the possibility of a
         trump upper cut coming in the Spade suit when Hearts are 4/1.

                            We Welcome all!!!!!

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