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                Do you like leading from a doubleton (vs a suit contract)? Generally
         speaking, I do not.
                I will almost never lead from an honour-doubleton (e.g. Q4, J8). When I
         lead the honour [and unless you live in Poland, it is universally standard to lead
         top from two cards], my partner will think I have the card immediately beneath
         (and am leading top of a sequence). Furthermore, the honour is too valuable
         merely to toss on the table and (in all likelihood) lose.
                I will rarely lead (top) from a small doubleton either. Unless partner has at
         least five cards in that suit (in which case you might hear an overcall - a totally
         different situation in which I am now happy to lead the doubleton), then either
         declarer or dummy must have at least four cards. I am helping to set up their suit,
         and exposing my partner to finesses in the process.

                     South Deals               ♥J52
                     None Vul
                                 ♠75               N        ♠64
                                 ♥Q873         W     E      ♥K106
                                 ♦72               S        ♦J965
                                 ♣AJ843                     ♣Q1065

            West   North    East   South      ♦A103
                                     1♠       ♣K2

            Pass     2♠     Pass     4♠
            Pass    Pass    Pass

         What happened . . .
                West led ♦7, top from his doubleton. This gave declarer all four diamond
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