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        wish known, many in the club rallied to her support. Jack Sieling led
        the charge. He scouted the field and found partners willing to play
        team games at the Tampa Regional. All Joy needed was 7.42 gold
        points to achieve her objective. That couldn’t be hard.  Milferd and
        Ginny Jones partnered and Jack played with Joy. Almost immediately
        their team earned 5.86 gold points. It would be a breeze to earn the
        remaining 1.56 points. Not so!  When Milferd and Ginny could no
        longer play, Jack found two players from south Florida to fill in. Nothing
        good happened. As Joy and Jack approached the last day of the
        tournament, tensions were high and their hopes were dim.  Then Dar
        Webb and Sheryl Hobbs stepped in to complete the Swiss team. The
        first five rounds of six did not bring success. With one round to go
        Dar had an idea which would change their luck. Let’s switch
        directions, she said. They did. And, in the last round of the game they
        earned enough points to come in third and the quest for Life Master
        became a reality. A spontaneous shout of joy rang out from the group.
        A commemorative picture was taken.
               When interviewed for this article, Joy said that she loves the
        club and all the people in it. Club Manager, Charles Gill, promotes the
        best for all. She thinks of the club as her extended family. Sometimes
        all you need is just an encouraging smile. Joy noted that Diane Wharen
        has recently agreed to mentor her so she may continue to improve
        her game. Joy frequently comes to the club at the last minute when
        asked to play with people needing a partner. That is one of her many
        ways of giving back to her club family that has supported her these
        many years.

            The “Joy” team
           immediately after
             finding out the
           final result at the
           Tampa Regional:
              Left to right:
             Sheryl Hobbs
                Dar Webb
              Joy Bradley
              Jack Sieling

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