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               Joy Bradley has played bridge since she was twelve years old.
        Years later when she created her bucket list, her Number One Goal
        was to achieve the rank of Life Master.
               On Sunday, May 12, 2019, at the last possible moment of the
        Tampa/Brandon Regional Sunday Swiss Team Game, her dream
        came true through the incredible, loving and selfless, week-long support
        of St. Petersburg Bridge Club members.
               How did her interest in bridge evolve?  As a child her family
        gatherings centered around  playing different card games suitable for
        the age and abilities of the players.  Rummy. Hearts, Canasta.
        When she was older and family gatherings grew smaller she began to
        play bridge as her parents did. It was fun. There weren’t any conventions.
        One played for the joy of it.
               Joy was in the first graduating class at Northeast High School.
        She married. Raised a family of five. And, was happy to have a husband
        who played party bridge. When time permitted she renewed her
        acquaintance with the game. Her friend, LaVerne Dugan, introduced
        her to Jane Wordsworth and the two of them began to play duplicate
        at Sunset Point in Clearwater. Jane’s stepfather was a friend of
        Charles Goren and Jane had frequently been asked to make the
        fourth at their table.
               Joy and Jane enjoyed their partnership of several years. When
        Jane officially retired from the game at age 90, Joy wanted to continue
        playing, but how? At Jane’s request they had never used any bridge
        conventions. With Joy’s long experience playing duplicate using only
        the quick-tricks-and-horse-sense method, who was there that she
        could play with to develop her game? Marianne Timmons and Gretchen
        Funk guided her development and Joy earned her first points toward
        Life Master under their watch.
               Fast forward to six weeks ago.  When Joy made her bucket list

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