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               If you have a suit in which your side could be off the first two tricks (such
        as Qxx, or Jx), you shouldn’t use Blackwood. For example, Opener holds:
             ♠AKJ7642  ♥AKQ  ♦32  ♣3
               You open 1♠ and partner makes a limit raise to 3♠. You expect to be in the
        slam zone. This is not a Blackwood hand. Let’s suppose you use Blackwood and
        partner shows 1 ace. Now what? If you jump to 6♠, you could be facing:
             ♠Q1093  ♥J32   ♦Q54     ♣AQ5
               You are in a slam off the ace-king of diamonds--no good. But, what if
        partner’s “one-ace” hand were:
             ♠Q1093  ♥Q32   ♦AK64     ♣42 ?
               Now, slam is laydown. So, Blackwood should not be used when you have
        a suit off two quick losers. The solution for these non-Blackwood hands lies in
        “Cue” - Bidding

               First, let’s explain what a cue-bid is. The term “cue-bid” is a bit misleading.
        If the opponents open 1♥ and you bid 2♥, that is a Michaels “Cue-bid,” showing
        spades and a minor. This has nothing to do with a “cue-bid” for slam bidding. I
        prefer to use the modern term, “control-bid” (more specific than the term “cue-
        bid”). When looking for a slam, we show a control. A “control” is an ace or a king
        (or, if in a suit contract, a void or a singleton). Think of a control this way: “If we
        have a control, the opponents cannot take the first 2 tricks in that suit.” We use
        control-bids when we have agreed on a trump suit and are moving towards slam.

             ♠AKJ7642  ♥AKQ   ♦32     ♣3

               You open 1♠ and partner bids 3♠ (invitational). We saw above, that Black-
        wood is useless. Instead, you “control-bid” 4♣, to show that you are interested
        in slam, and have a club control. In this case, your “control” is a singleton. You
        know that the opponents cannot cash 2 club tricks. You are worried that they may
        be able to take the ace-king of diamonds. Your partner will now control-bid 4♦ for
        you, if he has a control in that suit. If he has:
             ♠Q1093  ♥J32   ♦Q54     ♣AQ5 ,
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